NorthWinds provides a range of professional services supporting infrastructure projects. These services extend to all aspects of project development, from planning, permitting, construction, operation and decommission. Current infrastructure projects include roads and highways, hydro dams and transmission lines.


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Environmental Assessment

  • Environmental baseline studies (design, implementation) including vegetation, wetlands, fish, wildlife and Species at Risk

  • Wildlife and wildlife habitat assessment

  • Vegetation and wetland management

  • Monitoring program development

  • Right-of-way and route selection

  • Fisheries Assessments

  • Indigenous and stakeholder outreach, and government coordination and negotiation



  • Natural Environment reporting in support of aggregate pit or quarry permits/licences

  • Species at Risk Permitting (federal and provincial)

  • Overall Benefit Permitting for provincial Species at Risk, namely Woodland Caribou

  • Species at Risk Mitigation Plan development


Species at Risk

  • Species at Risk surveys (eg. Caribou, Eastern Whip-poor Will, Bats, Turtles, Songbirds) and permitting

  • Impact assessment, avoidance, and mitigation strategies

  • Project support for requirements under Ontario’s Endangered Species Act (ESA) including:

    • Completion of Information Gathering Forms (IGF)

    • SAR Mitigation Plans

    • Overall Benefit (OB) permits

    • Monitoring


Current Projects

Wataynikaneyap Power Permanent Wildlife Survey Plots

Wataynikaneyap Power Transmission Project

Giiwedin Environmental Services, a Limited Partnership between NorthWinds and Lac des Mille Lacs First Nation, has been selected by Valard Construction to conduct the Permanent Wildlife Survey Plot (PWSP) monitoring program in support of the Wataynikaneyap Power Transmission Project. The PWSP program is being conducted in partial fulfillment of the Endangered Species Act permit issued for the Project, primarily associated with Woodland Caribou and Wolverine. Giiwedin field staff have successfully established survey plots, and are now completing the first year of field data collection for long-term monitoring program. Field data include site condition, human and wildlife activity, and changes to the site, as well as incidental wildlife sightings and other relevant habitat information.


Ontario Ministry of Transportation

Hewitson River Culvert Project

NorthWinds provides environmental consulting service on MTO infrastructure projects. These include terrestrial summary reports and fish and fish habitat assessments and fisheries support on active work sites.

Waasigan Transmission Line Training Skills and Development Training

Hydro One Networks Inc.

NorthWinds has been hired by the Hydro One Training Skills and Development Program to deliver a series of workshops to several Indigenous communities impacted by the Waasigan Transmission Line project. This training includes two parts. The preliminary module is focused on the regulatory aspects of the transmission line, and the environmental assessment and approval process. The secondary module is intended to providing community members with a brief overview of field surveys and survey techniques necessary to support an environmental assessment, and provide participants with an introduction to practical skills necessary to gain employment with the project.


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