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Geomatics at NorthWinds means finding creative solutions for projects where spatial data, analysis and visualization are all integral parts of the process. We have a deep understanding of GIS principles that is reflected in the work we do from data collection in the field, to analysis in the office, to presentations for stakeholders.

As new technologies emerge, we strive to bring these advances to the way we do business with GIS. Innovations in cloud computing has enabled us to share stories, analyses and collaborate in a way that has not previously been possible.

Our experience using and customizing ESRI’s evolving suite of products allows us to approach complex spatial problems with an expansive toolkit. We combine our expertise in ESRI software with open-source solutions such as QGIS to find the best way forward.

Transforming spatial data into useful information for the sectors we serve such as forestry, mining and infrastructure is important to us, but we also believe it is important to commit our skills to helping communities in Northwestern Ontario. We volunteer our time and expertise to GIS projects with local organizations, schools and First Nations communities. 

Particularly important to us are the partnerships we build with First Nation communities. We are committed to helping protect the continuity of traditional knowledge, empowering communities through digital technology and strengthening traditional culture by helping youth and community members discover the power of GIS.

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Our Services

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Geomatics Capacity Building

  • Needs assessment of your current Geomatics capacity and options for growth

  • Hardware and software requirements gathering

  • GIS and GPS training and support

GIS Analysis and Database Management Systems

  • Vector and raster analysis to identify geographic patterns and trends

  • Custom spatially enabled database management systems for the desktop and cloud

  • GIS analysis and analytics supporting the sectors we serve


Custom GIS Applications

  • Custom extensions for automating processor-intensive GIS tasks

  • Hosted interactive web mapping solutions for public engagement, stakeholder meetings and collaboration

  • Custom mobile apps for field data collection or surveys with a geospatial component

Cartography and Visualization

  • Hardcopy maps and figures for presentations and reports 

  • Emphasis on accuracy and design

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Spatial Data Collection

  • Planning and implementation of spatial data collection using appropriate GPS technology, hardware and mobile apps


Continue scrolling to learn more about a few of our current projects.

Whitesand Report_Treaty Areas.jpg

Whitesand First Nation Traditional Knowledge Collection and Mapping

In early 2019, Whitesand First Nation secured four-year federal Nature Legacy funding to explore alternative forest and land management strategies that meet the community’s needs for wildlife, social and economic benefits, access management and value protection. This project prioritizes community input in order to establish locally determined and culturally appropriate forest management plans. 
As a part of this project, a Traditional Knowledge collection project was undertaken. Maps, stories, and histories were collected from more than 25 community Elders, with the assistance of community youth. Map books containing all mapped and oral information from Elders were compiled and checked by each participant. The final report, containing easy-to-read traditional land use and values maps, will be used to guide forest management and other land use planning processes in the Whitesand Traditional Territory.


Wabauskang First Nation GIS

While Wabauskang First Nation builds their GIS capacity, NorthWinds is helping to fill the gaps. We pride ourselves on providing consistent and efficient geoprocessing for Wabauskang while keeping their data private and secure.


Wabadowgang Noopming Forest Management Plan

In Joint Venture with Whitesand First Nation, NorthWinds Environmental Services has been contracted by Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry to develop a 2-year Contingency Plan and 10-year Forest Management Plan for Wabadowgang Noopming Management Unit in northwestern Ontario (formerly known as the Armstrong Portion of the Lake Nipigon Forest). As part of this project, detailed maps of harvest areas, roads, silviculture treatments, and community values are created by NorthWinds staff and submitted to Whitesand members, OMNRF, and other stakeholders on the forest, as well as made publicly available on Ontario’s Natural Resources Information Portal.


Baseline Studies for Mining and Infrastructure Projects

NorthWinds is involved in numerous baseline and monitoring projects for clients such as Treasury Metals, Clean Air Metals, and Wataynikaneyap Power. Each of these projects has unique mapping and geomatics requirements, including spatial data collection components, mapping and integration of data points and collected information, and stakeholder presentations for which NorthWinds’ geomatics team delivers quality products for use both internally and externally.

Our Valued Clients and Partners


Whitesand First Nation


Natural Resources Canada

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Wabauskang First Nation


Lakehead Region Conservation Authority

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